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Characterization through Dialogue in Hemingway’s Works Essay

Alan Pryce-Jones (qtd. in Lamb 453) stated to describe the creative contribution of Ernest Hemingway in Literature that it is â€Å"his innovative dialogue might turn out to be his enduring memorial as a writer.† On the other hand, Elizabeth Bowen (qtd. in Lamb 454-455) said that dialogue in short stories or novels should copy as much as possible several â€Å"realistic qualities† of a conversation, namely: spontaneity, ambiguity, artlessness, allusiveness, irreverence, and erraticness. She further adds that the use of dialogue for the cause of exposition is rarely used for this purpose considering that elaboration can be done right at the start of the story. The use of dialogue to expose components of the story, particularly characterization, plus the drama inherent in it, is very difficulty to do. To start, the elementary literary definition of characterization of a story can be pursued by direct means. This is where the author narrates things concerning the character. A way to do this is bay giving description of the clothes the character wears, the manner by which he gesticulate,   or the way he stride on the street. The second means is through indirect method. This technique is shown on how he speaks, reacts and acts. The most usual way a writer address this component of characterization is done using the latter technique. And this is applied usually through dialogue or through the conversation between two characters. Ernest Hemingway wrote the Hills Like White Elephants in 1927. This story is included in the short story anthology Men Without Women. The story runs about a woman and a man. Both are sitting at a bar in a station waiting for a train going to Madrid. And they talk. By the way they converse, it is obvious that have spent sometime with each other. If the reader would casually read how the conversation happening between the two go, he will from the start of the story until it is finished end up clueless as to what is going on with the characters in the story. In a sense, Hills Like White Elephants display the iceberg theory of Hemingway and his deftness in handling dialogue in a story. If Hemingway was widely seen as a writer who wrote primarily for the dominating male, in Hills Like White Elephants, he is able to dissect the workings of a relationship where females most of the time are subjected to an unbalance relationship and furthermore dominated by the males (Raeburn 208). The means by which Hemingway is able to exploit this is through his creative creation of dialogue that discloses the characteristics of the couple: their speech, action and reaction. Through the use of dialogue, Hemingway is able rise to the dexterous ability to give character to his protagonist and antagonist. For a reader to totally appreciate and efficiently understand the characterization that Ernest Hemingway applied in Hills Like White Elephants and also to most of his stories, the reader first ought and must understand the tool and method by which the writer employ to express implicitly and indirectly the drama that is happening between the characters. This tool which ingeniously utilized by Hemingway is technique in his stories is called dialogue. Hemingway’s stories, as exemplified by Hills Like White Elephants, mainly runs marvelously through the innovation and utilization of the form of dialogue. This single-handedly tackled major aspects of characterization like speech, action of the characters and reaction of the characters. To quote again Alan Pryce-Jones (qtd. in Lamb 453), the creative contribution of Ernest Hemingway in Literature is â€Å"his innovative dialogue might turn out to be his enduring memorial as a writer.† Works Cited Lamb, Robert P. â€Å"Hemingway and the Creation of Twentieth-Century Dialogue.† Twentieth Century Literature 42 (1996): 453-580 Raeburn, John. â€Å"Skirting the Hemingway Legend.† American Literary History 1(1989):206-218

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Providing Courses Fit for the New Professions amidst the Recession

Colleges and other educational institutions assume a very vital role in the modeling and homing of future professionals. They affect not only the decisions of its students in terms of the students’ profession preference; they also affect the future job options of the students. ABC Institution as one of the education pillars of this country in the aspect of being a leading career college conducts activities and launches curriculum fully guided by the mission that the institution set out to achieve in its years of existence.The mission being â€Å"ABC institution welcomes students of diverse interests, cultures, and abilities and prepares them for careers in thriving fields that are in demand. The core values include providing high quality curriculum, caring and supportive environment, and mentoring students to succeed†.This mission as of the presentation of this paper is now geared towards the creation of a new curriculum under the ABC Institution’s College of Man agement and Administration that will equip its students with up to date education that will give them an edge in landing professions that proved to be in-demand amidst the economic and financial trials of this period marked by the recent global recession. To better understand the technicalities intrinsic to the formulation of a curriculum, defining the common keywords in the issue at hand proves to be vital.In this proposal the word curriculum is defined as the collection of programs of study or major courses to be offered by ABC Institution (The Free Dictionary (Collins English Dictionary), 2009, p. n. pag. ). Program study or major in this proposal is defined as the set of classes or subjects needed to be taken by the students included in the new curriculum of ABC Institution (The Free Dictionary (Collins English Dictionary), 2009, p. n. pag. ).Lastly, classes or courses are the educational groupings of students that would tackle a focal subject related to the new curriculum intro duced by ABC Institution (The Free Dictionary(American Heritage Dictionary), 2009, p. n. pag. ). These definitions will be used throughout this proposal. This proposal is written to distinctively inculcate the values intrinsic to the mission of ABC institution and to the new needs that it will set to fulfill in the next years of its existence.This proposal would compromise between the tenets of ABC Institution’s mission and the specifications of the new programs of study under the new curriculum of management and administration. Compromising between these two factors present in ABC Institution is a must simply because the curriculum should always coincide with the mission of the institution that offers it. Taking ABC Institution for example, the curriculum of management and administration will be designed base on the mission of ABC Institution. This new curriculum will equally welcome students of welcomes students of diverse interests, cultures, and abilities.This new curricu lum will prepare them for careers in thriving fields that are in demand. The core values of ABC Institution which include high quality curriculum, caring and supportive environment, and mentoring students to succeed will be used in full swing upon the launch of its new curriculum on management and administration. Approving the launch of these new course offerings of ABC Institution will not only improve the reputation of the institution as a career college; it will also reshape the modes by which this institution provides quality education to its students (Wijesinghe, 2000, p.1). The creation of new curriculum is one of the most recognized benchmarks of the effectiveness of any institution in terms of being dynamic set in the background that the real world apart from the institution is also very dynamic. Unfortunately, the creation of a new curriculum is not solely dependent on the needs that the curriculum is set to satisfy, resources and other forms of support should be all equall y addressed before introducing a new curriculum (Wijesinghe, 2000, pp. 2-3).As said earlier, this proposal pushes forth the offering of the curriculum focused on management and administration in ABC Institution. The reason behind the vigor put on in this paper to prove that doing so is a must only lies on two basic concepts- students will gain an education edge applicable in many fields and professions related to this course are now demanded worldwide. The theoretical and practical education that students will receive from the different programs of study included in this new curriculum will make them a highly viable labor resource in the near future.The units to be included in this program study may differ from the unit requirements of the other programs of study to be included in the new curriculum. Amidst the allowance provided that may cause differences among programs of study, core subjects should be universal in the whole curriculum to insure that the curriculum has a sense of wholeness. Programs of study to be included in the curriculum are still open to changes; however in this paper core programs are encouraged to be introduced alongside with the launch of the new curriculum.Core programs such as Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration, Bachelor of Arts in Corporate Management and Bachelor of Arts in Financial Management and Administration are pushed forth by this paper with the same weight that it proposes the introduction of the new curriculum. These core programs are deemed to be the programs that will provide the competency needed by the future professionals or students as they take on a very new profession landscape upon their graduation.This proposal is not written on mere impulsive instincts and far flung idealism; this proposal is written through the guidance provided by the mission of ABC Institution. This proposal even in its early stages of formulation considers head on the factors that may affect the introduction of its proposed curriculu m. Given the ample time of research that was given to formulate the proposal, there are three main factors identified to be internal to ABC Institution- integrity, resource preparedness and foundational education.ABC Institution is laden with the burden that it needs to establish its integrity among its students, targeted hiring field and even among its stakeholders (Gardiner, 2010, p. n. pag. ). These different groups should be satisfied with the overall manner by which ABC Institution provides the programs of study under its newly introduced curriculum. Resource preparedness is also vital to the success of the introduction of the new curriculum because the preparations put on by ABC Institution will insure that the curriculum will not be down played in terms of its manpower and educating credibility (Gardiner, 2010, p.n. pag. ). Faculty members and other staffs of ABC should be prepared in all aspects, particularly in terms of being knowledgeable of the programs to be included in the curriculum, furthermore to the curriculum itself. Departmental turf should also be taken into consideration since the curriculum of management and administration is multidisciplinary in nature (Gardiner, 2010, p. n. pag. ). Faculty members should also be allowed to freely express their insights and criticisms on the newly introduced curriculum.The faculty members are those who would have firsthand interaction with the curriculum and its students; this made them credible sources of new ways of further improving the curriculum upon its introduction. Ultimately, the faculty members should be constantly reminded to handle the programs of study included in the curriculum with the consciousness that the lessons and activities should coincide with the mission of ABC Institution and with the goals of introducing the curriculum (Gardiner, 2010, p. n. pag. ).Finally, the foundations of educating its students under the new curriculum should be constantly assessed and evaluated to insure th at educational drifts are being avoided by providing constantly improving modes of education. The foundations that the curriculum will be able to establish in its early years will determine its future as a part of ABC Institution and establishing a good one should be prioritized (Gardiner, 2010, p. n. pag. ). In this proposal there is only one discerned external factor- the in demand labor market.No matter how fluent this proposal maybe in justifying that the establishment of a new curriculum on management and administration is viable will be put to trash unless it will have an established target in the labor demand market. As a hint in the earlier parts, the new curriculum on management and administration is proposed to be introduced to educate and train students to be professionals viable to fill one of the most in demand professions- government managers (Kadlec, 2009, p. 11). This is a labor market that is deemed to be in constant hiring for the next three decades.This demand is neither artificial nor temporary; it is a demand made by one of the most financially influencing event of all times- the global recession. The global recession has increased the demand for government managers because it forced many companies to sought help and assistance from the governments all around the world (Kadlec, 2009, p. n. pag. ). New professions are being created everyday just to manage corporate bail outs and turnovers facilitated by governments; in this aspect alone thousands of available jobs are being created.Aside from this aspect of the global recession; professions on human resources and public affairs are almost equally opening up due to the sudden involvement of many governments with the corporate affairs. This is the major labor market that the curriculum if management and administration seeks to fill in by creating the fittest professionals for the job through the programs of study that ABC Institution offers. The high demand to fill in the slots of government managers is only one of the target industries of this new curriculum.The ongoing demand for financial analysts and market experts are also some of the in demand jobs that this curriculum seeks to fill in (Kadlec, 2009, p. n. pag. ). After presenting every detail of this proposal for the ABC Institution, the one that proposed it realized one thing; there is a huge and almost untapped market of labor demands that ABC Institution can pioneer on†¦so why hesitate? Bibliography Gaff, J. G. , & Ratcliff, J. L. (1997). Handbook of the Undergraduate Curriculum: a comprehensive guide to purposes, structures, practices and change.Jossey Bass. Gardiner, L. F. (2010). Designing a College Curriculum. Retrieved July 8, 2010, from www. thenationalacademy. org: http://www. thenationalacademy. org/readings/designing. html Kadlec, D. (2009, June 2). Government Manager: Top Ten Jobs for the Recession. Retrieved July 8, 2010, from www. times. com: http://205. 188. 238. 109/time/specials/packages/ar ticle/0,28804,1901876_1901874_1901854,00. html The Free Dictionary (Collins English Dictionary). (2009). Curriculum. Retrieved July 8, 2010, from www. http://www. thefreedictionary. com/curriculum The Free Dictionary (Collins English Dictionary). (2009). Program of Study. Retrieved July 10, 2010, from www. freedictionary. com: http://www. thefreedictionary. com/programme+of+study The Free Dictionary(American Heritage Dictionary). (2009). Class. Retrieved July 8, 2010, from www. freedictionary. com: http://www. thefreedictionary. com/classs Wijesinghe, G. (2000). New Offerings for a New Era: Evaluating the Viability of New Degree Programs . Florida: State University System of Florida.

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Legalizing Assisted Suicide For Terminally Ill Patients

The highest value of a democratic society is human rights, which means first of all that a human being is the one who is in charge of his or her own life. The premise presupposes that a person has the right to take a decision about what to do with his or her life on the most global level – whether to go on living or stop living.That is why the state, which aim is to provide the execution of citizens rights, should pay careful attention to such a burning issue as helping terminally ill patients to die. The solution to the problem is legalizing euthanasia as a way of defending human rights alongside taking into consideration the possible moral challenges.Indeed, moral concerns have been the main factors which prevented the quick spread of euthanasia which could otherwise happen. It is first of all religious communities which oppress the adoption of the law, and the more religiously conservative the country is the stronger is the oppression to assisted suicide. Even if one doesnà ¢â‚¬â„¢t know which countries already have the relevant laws we can easily guess what they are by knowing their excessive tolerance to controversial issues like legalizing marijuana or gay marriages.Among them are first of all Scandinavian countries and Holland, some of them having adopted the law others at the brink of adoption. It was in 1994 when Oregon approved Ballot Measure, which would have legalized physician-assisted suicide under limited condition but the vote met the oppression of Federal Government.So, the United States seem to belong to the countries with the strongest moral and religious orthodoxy alongside with deeply Catholic countries as opposed to the tolerant Protestant European societies mentioned above. However, the statistics show it is not completely true. In 1999 Gallup organization held a national survey asking Americans the following question: â€Å"If you personally had a disease that could not be cured and were living in severe pain, would you consider c ommitting suicide or not?†.Forty percent answered â€Å"yes†, fifty one – â€Å"no† and nine were not sure. So, on the face of it, the community divided in halves, roughly speaking. But a there is crucially important detail which shouldn’t be missed: the respondents who took part are naturally not terminally ill and they don’t suffer severe pain. This fact distorts the real statistics which might arise in case they were suffering terrible tortures.But the controversy is not only about the rights of the patients but also about doctors who help their patients to die. The much-talked-of case of Dr.Kevorkian is the evidence of how ambiguous the interpretation of this or that action can be. â€Å"He has been hailed as the champion of the right-to-die movement and denounced as a ghoulish cheerleader for suicide† (Lesenberry, 1994) Jack Kevorkian, who helped twenty people to die on their request, was given a name Dr Death. The case demonstrat ed the controversy, the current system of law has – there is no legal differentiation between killing out of hate and killing out of mercy.There is a moral difference, however. And if we try to trace how the legal system has been historically formed, it becomes clear that it grew out of moral system of values, it was its reflection. Society has always been trying to match moral and law, and there have always been discrepancy between them which needed to be bridged. The historical process hasn’t stopped, and the gap needs to be overcome.But looking at the problem closer makes it evident that it is not so much a matter of the motivation of killing because it is not so much the formal â€Å"killer† we are talking about. The focus is actually on the person who chooses death; a doctor is just an instrument for performing his or her will. Everyone should realize that making euthanasia a legal option is not defending suicide but defending choice.Depriving people of the right to choose is a heavy violation of their human rights. The task of the state is to find a way how to protect the rights of one side without violating the rights of the other one. But the point is the right of all people are least protected when there is no legal definition of the issue at all.One of the arguments against euthanasia is the claimed immorality of making the relatives of the terminally ill patients decide if to keep them living, especially in case the are not able to decide themselves, like those in coma. Indeed, the issue is very sensitive, which the survey confirmed.The respondents were asked the question: â€Å"If a member of your family were terminally ill and wanted to die, would you be willing to help them?† Forty percent said yes, forty-six no, and fourteen percent were not sure. Indeed, this is a moral challenge for the relatives of the person but again it is a matter of having choice.Of course, it is easier for the relatives to have no choice in su ch cases because indeed, it must be the hardest choice a person can face in his or her life. On the other hand, it is questionable what is more immoral – to challenge the relatives with the decision or to let them shift responsibility by making the state decide instead of them.

The significance of credit rating on Chinese auto industry Literature review

The significance of credit rating on Chinese auto industry - Literature review Example This study will mainly concentrate on the importance of credit rating of Chinese auto companies and how credit rating affects auto industry in China. The reason of focusing on Chinese auto industry is that auto industry in China has less influences of Chinese government policies, which could combine more experiences and academic results from western countries into this study. This study will also explore the significance of credit rating to the sustainable development of Chinese auto industry. In order to solve the problems about asymmetry information between lenders and investors and existence of credit risks, credit rating agency appears in the market. Focusing on the Chinese auto industry, this project will demonstrate the specified risk factors in the auto industry and how the ratings are determined by studying the features of Chinese credit rating market and comparing with the western countries’ experiences. The mathematical modelling can be applied in this part to show the ratings clearly and also case study will be used here. Moreover, this project will also introduce the impact to the large auto enterprises in China. This can be illustrated from two points: on one side, the significance of credit rating on developed corporate bonds of the auto companies will be studied; on the other side, the role of credit ratings on new products of asset securitisation of Chinese auto firms will be analysed. Furthermore, based on the studies, this project will discuss the sustainable development strategies for Chinese auto industry. 4. The impact of credit ratings to Chinese auto corporate bonds which are already in the market need to be discussed; the important role of credit ratings on new financial products of Chinese auto asset securitisation will be analysed. Credit risk in the financial market can be defined as the uncertain ability of an obligor to repay the money owing. Adams et al. (1999) mentions thatCredit rating started back in 1837 by Mercantille

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Architecture history Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Architecture history - Essay Example During this time, architects had access to new technologies that empowered their design and the society demands were dynamic at this time. The purpose of this article is to examine the theme of nationalism and regionalism as depicted in the Australian architecture. Regional architecture is a new approach to architecture that aims to orient the placeless modern architecture and to give it a sense of belonging. Regional and national architecture is the use of unique design and that is only relevant and associated with a specific place. The Sydney School of architecture is perceived as the mother of the international style in Australia after it introduced the concept of organic architecture. This design requirement emerged in the year 1950s when the need arose to reform architectural design to accommodate the complex demands of the new world2. Consequently, Sydey School is perceived as a solution to a constrained international architectural design. 1Edquist, Harriet. Pioneers of Moderni sm: The Arts and Crafts Movement in Australia. Carlton: Miegunyah Press, 2008. 2Callister, Winsome. â€Å"Dealing with the ‘Sydney School’: Perspectives on Australian Architecture in the 1950s and 1960s.† Transition, no. ... Modern architects have embraced this design principle to come up with unique structures that are natural and youthful by utilizing natural materials and taking advantage of topographical forms. Peter Muller is among one of the organic architects that adopted the principles laid down by Wright in his definition of the modern design. One unique artistic work of Muller that has garnered a lot of attraction as an organic structural design is the Audette House that he designed in Australia. A feature that has captured many architects in this piece of work is the topographical design forms that Muller included in his plans. This architect employed horizontal lines to integrate the house with the sloppy landscape and to accomplish the initial design requirement of a solar friendly design. The use of free form angles and flat topped roofs was a unique attribute that connects to the idea of organic architecture that Wright saw as new characteristic of modern buildings. In addition, the surrou nding of the building is covered by a natural aesthetic of plants that was part of this landscape even before the existence of this building. Natural aesthetic is one of the emphases that organic architects have put forward to ensure that structures interfere minimally with the natural environment. In this view, Audette building can be regarded as typical structure that defines the organic school of architectural design4. 3Pearson, David. The Breaking Wave: New Organic Architecture. New York: Cengage, 2001. p. 72. 4Irving, Robert. Fine Houses of Sydney. Australia: Methuen, 2000. P160-169. Another unique feature of the Audette house is the selection of materials used for construction

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Morally permissible for abortion Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Morally permissible for abortion - Essay Example In this article, two basic assertions will be fortified – one that there are no good grounds to believe that abortion is morally incorrect and secondly, that there are good causes to prove that abortion is morally permissible. Providing a brief critique of a known pro-life argument is deemed necessary before we proceed with the construction of an argument for the moral permissibility of abortion. The eminent anti-abortion philosopher Marquis has stated that â€Å"the future of a standard fetus includes a set of experiences, projects, activities, and such which are identical with the futures of adult human beings and are identical with the futures of young follows that abortion is prima facie seriously wrong.† According to him, killing a fetus is nothing but killing a human being since the fetus is a future resemblance of human being which makes abortion morally wrong. He added that killing a fetus certainly implies a potential loss of value. All pro-life a ctivists believe that killing children and infants is wrong in the same way as it is killing any human being (cited in Marquis 184-185). To counteract the premises of Marquis, Mary A. Warren, a well known pro-abortion feminist philosopher deduces the following anti-abortion argument: 1) It is wrong to kill innocent human beings, 2) fetuses are innocent human beings, and 3) therefore, it is wrong to kill fetuses. ... e biological species Homo sapiens and incorporates not only functioning children and adults, but also fetuses (even very early fetuses) and alive human bodies without working brains (e.g. those in irretrievable comas). The human in the moral sense refers to all beings who are full-grown members of the moral community and includes all but only persons. Warren further states that if ‘human being’ has the same meaning in both the settings then one of them is questionable. The argument either presumes that it is incorrect to kill a fetus simply because it is a homo sapient or it is a member of the moral community. Further arguments are required to clarify the matter since both the claims are controversial. To clarify this matter, Warren next considers whether genetic humanity is sufficient enough for moral humanity.   She asks â€Å"What characteristics entitle an entity to be considered a person [in the moral sense]?† Exemplifying her theory of personhood, Warren s tates that a being or entity to be considered a ‘human being’ or a ‘person’ in the moral sense must possesses most of the following characteristics: ‘(1) Consciousness, (2) Reasoning, (3) Self-motivate activity, (4) communication capability, and (5) the presence of self-concepts and self-awareness’. She further added that the degree of a being’s similarity to a person decides its degree of right to life. In other words, the more resemblance a being holds to a person, the stronger are its consideration for having a right to life, and the stronger its right to life is. On the basis of this theory, she claims that a fetus doesn’t have any similarity to a ‘person’ at any stage of its development to be considered enough for having the right to life (cited in Warren 259-260). Moreover, on the

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International Finance Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words - 10

International Finance - Essay Example The exchange rate is a variable of the International Fisher Effect, which states that the value of a currency of a nation whose interest rate is relatively higher is likely to depreciate against the value of currency of another country whose interest rate is relatively lower (Madura 2011, pp. 114-120). On that note, the paper presents the importance of the international finance; the factors influencing the exchange rate and discussion of the findings of the IFE test. The test will be conducted using the UK interest rate and the exchange rate between the UK and Greece’s currency from the year 2005 to 2014. The method adopted during the IFE test is a regression analysis (the coefficient of correlation) (Sowa & Acquaye 1999, pp. 2-10). The concept of the international finance can be strongly grasped after its elements are uncovered. The elements are the interest rate, the exchange rate, the inflation rate, export, and imports, etc. The following two theories are influenced by the mentioned factors: the International Fisher Effect (IFE) and the Purchasing Power Parity (PPP). The international finance refers to cross-border borrowing/lending of funds and any other transaction between the local and the foreign countries the leads to movement of funds, assets, and capital between the trading countries. The idea of Purchasing Power Parity contends that the prices of resembling products should be equal in different countries, when the currencies of the trading countries are converted into a single currency. There are two types of the purchasing power parity. That is, the absolute and relative purchasing power parity (Mankiw 2009, pp. 707-709). The theory of Absolute Purchasing Power Parity asserts that the real prices of commodities must be identical in all countries. Thus, the absolute Purchasing power parity is realizable when the purchasing strength of the local and foreign currency is alike, after the conversion of the currencies to foreign denomination, using the

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List and explain the three step risk analysis process and list Personal Statement

List and explain the three step risk analysis process and list resources - Personal Statement Example At any rate, it is always better to be prepared for any eventuality although admittedly, it is virtually impossible to prepare adequately for anything and everything. However, having good plans in place is better than having no plan at all that can deal with a contingency whenever it so happens. The most crucial part of security planning and loss prevention is critical thinking. This is the ability to think and ask the tough questions other people may hesitate to ask. Further, it is a way to get out of the box-mindset and adopt a different attitude from the business as usual. In his book, author Philip P. Purpura postulates critical thinking as the cognitive ability of analysis, the interpretation, the explanation and the evaluation of ones own reasoning, to even include ability to question ones conclusions and judgment in a continuous process of assessment (2008, p. 4). In this regard, there is a highly-recommended three-step risk analysis process that is to be followed in order to have a good grasp of the security situation. It is the rational and orderly way of identifying a problem, determining its probability of occurring and finding solutions. The objective of this process is to also estimate the loss in case of an adverse event happening. This 3 step process is discussed in much greater detail in the next page. Conducting a loss prevention survey – this first step takes into consideration all possible threats, hazards, vulnerabilities and weaknesses that can threaten security and survival. Purpose of this activity is to assess probable adverse events based on certain conditions such as weather, geography, fire protection systems, pending litigation, proximate presence of nearby hazardous materials (nuclear, chemical, biological, etc.) and all other identifiable threats to include social, political and economic conditions. The survey is actually a questionnaire in the form of checklist to make sure everything is covered during the

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Business Organization Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Business Organization - Essay Example More flexible: Even though an LLC should file all its articles with the national government, it has a more flexible management as compared to a corporation. In this regard, this permits the business owner to develop a structure based on the needs of the business owners. Little compliance issues: In most cases, an LLC does not require an annual general meeting or a board of directors. In addition, there is less paperwork as well as record keeping needed in comparison to a corporation. With regard to building capital, unlike corporations that issue stock so as to increase funds for their companies, limited liability companies have to put in more effort to look for investors along with other sources of capital. Percentage of ownership: The partners should record the amount of money each partner contributes to the partnership before its opening. These contributions are utilized as the basis of ownership percentage. Death of a partner: If a partner dies or leaves the partnership there is a need to have a buy or sale agreement. It outlines a method by which the partnership interest will be valued and interest purchased. Being a great place for the people to work in addition to developing responsible citizens by supporting and building sustainable communities, and getting the customer’s associate the company’s products with absolute best service. The leadership of the firm will comprise of the executive management, senior managers, and head of departments who will ensure strategic direction of the business. The company will employ democratic leadership. An open-door policy will be adopted and most decisions will make prior to consulting. The inputs to make a Smartphone that has an excellent phone, camera,  a music player include several sketches as well as wireframes. The sketches will determine the phone’s size, portability, and weight. The team will decide which designs will become prototypes.

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The Policy of Deportation and Detention in Greece and the UK Research Proposal

The Policy of Deportation and Detention in Greece and the UK - Research Proposal Example Through an exploratory analysis of the immigration policies of both Greece and the United Kingdom, central questions I hope to address include the following: how do the immigration policies of Greece and the UK differ with respect to illegal migrants? Alternatively, how are their policies the same? What roles do deportation and detention play in the immigration process and how have Greece and the UK applied these measures in an attempt to stem the flows of migration, both legal and illegal? What role does the European Union play in dictating immigration policy and what does Brussels have to say with respect to the deportation and detention of migrants? These questions and much more will be explored in this comparative analysis of the immigration systems of both Greece and the United Kingdom. Utilizing data from the UK Border Services as well as from the Greek national authorities, this analysis will integrate raw concrete data with scholarly research in the field of immigration studi es. A comparative exploration of immigration policies in the twenty-first century will benefit significantly from an amalgamation of the latest scholarly research on the subject of British and Greek immigration trends and policies with tangible demographics obtained through the respective immigration authorities of each national government (EU statistics may also be used in this endeavor). Accordingly, the basis of this analysis will largely be qualitative but this analysis will most certainly benefit from quantitative data on immigration trends.

Vocabulary and semantics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Vocabulary and semantics - Essay Example Hence the phrase, flea market Today, the term is used to describe rent spaces for traders dealing in used goods that are of low quality and at low prices. Morphology Morphology is the study of word structure. Morphology is the process of identifying, analyzing and describing the structures of a language’s morphemes and other linguistic units, such as root words, parts of speech and intonation or stress. The term â€Å"flea market† is made up of two words; flea and market, which are the morphemes to this phrase. A morpheme is the smallest single unit in the grammar of a language and its study is called morphology. A morpheme may not be a word as a morpheme has to stand on its own. There are free and bound morphemes. A free morpheme is a single unit that stands on its own and has meaning, whereas a bound morpheme appear as only parts of words, always supported by the root or by another bound morpheme. The term â€Å"flea market† is made up of two free morphemes as the word â€Å"flea† can stand on its own and still have meaning and also the word â€Å"market† has meaning on its own. ... The phrase â€Å"flea market† can also be thought to be a place inhabited by dirty traders. A collocation is a sequence of words or terms that co-occur more often than would be expected by chance (Durkin, 2009). A collocation can be said to be two or more words that often go together, and may sound correct to a native speaker but be unnatural and sound wrong. The term â€Å"flea market† sounds correct to a native speaker but may be very disturbing to a person, who is just learning the language, as that a person can loosely interpret it to be a place where fleas are sold. Semantic relationships Semantics is the study of meanings; the phrase â€Å"flea market† can be taken literally to mean a place where fleas are sold, or we can take the meaning where it denotes a place where second-hand items are sold. There are different semantic relationship types, and they include; Synonyms Synonyms are words that mean exactly the same. According to the Macmillan dictionary, t he term â€Å"flea† is synonymous to aphid, beetle and black widow, as all are types of insects (Hurford, 1996). The term â€Å"market† is synonymous to shop, as both are places where goods are traded. The phrase â€Å"flea market† is synonymous to yard sale. Antonyms Antonyms are words pairs whose meanings are opposite and lie in a continuous spectrum. The term â€Å"flea† has no antonym as there are so many things and animals that are opposites of insects. The term â€Å"market† is also broad as it involved buying and selling which are opposites of each other. As a modern place of trade dealing in mostly new items, a mall can be used as an antonym to a flea market. Pragmatic usage Pragmatics is a minor field of linguistics and studies ways how context contributes to the

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Day Dreaming Essay Example for Free

Day Dreaming Essay I have always dreamed of the perfect vacation, the perfect place to go. As I have just returned from that very location, I am excited to share the experience with everyone. I am sure that you, too, will want to visit this place where only your wildest dreams could compare. While shopping at a local grocery store I noticed an entry box for a free, all expenses paid getaway. I have always wanted a dream vacation, but without finding the time and the extra money, that was exactly what it would always be, a dream. The entry form said it was a getaway, not a vacation. So what was the difference? As I read the small print on the entry form I expected to find the catch that most of these offers have. I was surprised to find no catch. No salesman would call. No mass marketing e-mails would invade my e-mail box. The entry form simply stated that the winner would receive an all-expenses paid getaway. I entered the drawing with thoughts of getting away from the daily grind. As I left the store with my few bags of groceries, I found myself wondering where this getaway was. The entry never said anything about the location. If I were to win, I hoped that it would be someplace warm. I let my thoughts run wild as I made the drive home. I was amazed at how good I felt just thinking about the perfect vacation. All too soon my thoughts returned to real life and what was. During the next month, after what seemed like the longest day ever, I arrived home to find a letter in the mailbox stating that I had won the all-expenses-paid getaway. My family has always called me lucky, but I have never been this lucky. There had to be a catch. As I sat down to read the letter I felt just absolutely exhausted. I reclined on the sofa and continued reading the award letter. Before I knew it I had dozed off. A short time later I find myself driving to the airport. I was ushered to a very large private Leer Jet. I was stopped in my tracks the moment I stepped through the entrance to the aircraft. I was amazed at the comfort level of the interior. The seats were overstuffed, soft, tan leather. There were perfectly placed tables and couches. The excitement of a real getaway was truly setting in. Strange as it was, I was not worried about the destination. The letter said to pack a small bag of only the bare necessities, so I packed two large pieces of luggage with everything I could think of that I might need on this getaway. I was greeted by a very lovely lady, and as she showed me to my seat for the flight, I was told that once we were airborne that I could feel free to wander about the jet. As I sat in the overstuffed seat I felt my body relax. My mind slowly let go of all thoughts of my daily life and stresses. Take off was barely perceptible. I glanced out of what seemed to be a large window for an aircraft and watched the world I knew slowly disappear into the distance. I relaxed and closed my eyes. As the jet drifted off into the blue sky, I too drifted off. I cannot tell you how long we were in flight; as if in a dream I realized that we had landed. The landing strip was a beautiful field of grass. The outer edge of the landing strip was lined with the most beautiful green trees I had ever seen. As I reached the exit door of the jet, I saw only beauty. I didn’t know where I was, but I really didn’t care at that point. There was a golf cart waiting for me at the bottom of the stairs. The driver was a very handsome young man. After a brief introduction he drove me to a very inviting bungalow and told me that this was where I would be staying during my visit. The bungalow had a well-appointed, covered, raised front deck area before the entrance. The view was more than I had ever hoped for. The oversized bungalow was everything I had ever dreamed of; the furnishings were made to order from my very own wish list. The colors of the decor were inviting yet calming. Not a wish or expectation had been left out. The rooms were much larger than I thought they would be. My luggage had already been delivered and as I began to put things in the closet and drawers, I found that my every need had already been provided for. There were clothes in the closet that were just my size and I could clearly see that they were made for a location just as this. I could not remember a time that I had felt so comfortable and relaxed. On the desk I found a brochure explaining that anything I could ever want to do, experience, purchase or eat was only a thought away. I decided to sit on the front deck and just take it all in. On the table outside next to a lovely chaise lounge was a bottle of my favorite beverage. I smiled as I sat and sipped the cool drink. I hadn’t eaten all day and thoughts of what I would like to eat became clear. Just then a golf cart rolled up to the bungalow and a silver dinning tray was delivered to the outside table. The young waiter said nothing and left. The meal was exquisite. Never before had I tasted food so flavorful. Here I was on vacation and so satisfied to stay right here, relaxed. No sooner than I began to anticipate the sunset, it began. The sunset was anything but short lived. The colors were radiant. The entire scene, with all the colors, the mountains in the distance, the trees, all seemed to soak into my soul. It was just absolutely breathtaking. I really did not want to call it a day, but the thoughts of a limitless tomorrow made it easy to retire to the exquisite bedroom of the bungalow and stretch out on the luxurious bed. I dosed off to sleep with the sound of a gentle breeze through the trees and the distant sound of small waves lapping against a beach. The next morning as I stared into the mirror, after my glorious shower, I found that my own reflection seemed much younger. I felt so alive and reenergize! I decided to visit the small town, not too far from the Bungalow, that the brochure said would be a delight. As I entered the colorful little community, I noticed several small store fronts and shops that offered for sale anything a person could want. As I made my first purchase, I was very surprised when the sales person refused my cash I tried to hand him. The sales person, seeing my shock, informed me that cash was only a temporary illusion as were all tangible treasures that most people cling to. Furthermore, I was informed that I would find, in my wallet, just enough cash to purchase anything I may want, however, I would not need it. As I continued to visit the remaining shops, I was delighted each time I wanted to make a purchase, to find just enough cash in my wallet, but the cashiers would not accept any of it. The next several days brought a joyous time of swimming in the warm crystal blue waters of a secluded lake that was like a lagoon off the coast of Australia, sunning on a sensational beach, and hiking some of the most profound and beautiful mountains I have ever had the pleasure to see. The food had more than met my every expectation. Sleep had never been so satisfying. Every morning I was awakened by a delightful, brilliant sunrise and every evening was blissfully serene. I knew that all too soon my short getaway would have to come to an end. I chose to spend the last day of this wonderful vacation on the glorious beach I had visited several times. I swam freely in the warm water and snorkeled the coral reef where I was met with a burst of colorful coral and stunning little fish. Feeling somewhat exhausted for the first time during my stay, I decided to relax on the soft white sand and soon fell asleep. Somewhere in that sweet spot just before wakefulness, I felt something crawling on my foot and there was a phone ringing and the obnoxious noise of traffic. It surely must be a dream right? The thing rawling on my foot brought me to full consciousness. In a flash my dream vacation was over. I awoke to find myself still reclined on the sofa, letter in hand, telling me that my dream vacation was just that, only a dream, and out of the corner of my eye, crawling across the floor, I see the spider that brought my dream vacation to an end. You may be wondering how difficult it was to return to the reality of daily life. I must tell you that it was not all that hard because I know that I or anyone can return to this refreshing location in a matter of moments. You need only let your mind drift to where it really wants to be. Daydreaming is easy and has also been touted as good for you. A deep daydream can easily turn into a dream. An article from QualityHealth. com states that recent research conducted at the University of British Columbia in Canada reveals that not only is daydreaming extremely common (experts say we spend one-third of our lives doing it), but its actually healthy. It turns out that when we let our minds wander, numerous areas of the brain are activated, more than were previously thought. And were not even aware were doing it. In this study, scientists placed subjects inside a special scanner and had them perform a routine task. Their attentiveness was gauged using brain scans, their performance on the task, and reports by subjects themselves. Not only did the parts of the subjects brains responsible for easy mental tasks activate, but so did the so-called executive network responsible for processing more complicated thoughts and problems. What does this mean? When you put aside that tough essay after working on it for several hours in order to sit on your porch and stare at the flowers, it doesnt mean youre lazy. It means your brain is smart enough to recognize that switching to a more mundane activity allows complex thought to take place. By letting your mind wander, youre allowing it to hit on the solutions to problems that may have eluded you before. In fact, many creative people claim that they get their best ideas while doing something routine, such as taking a shower or going for a run. And some of the smartest kids in school may spend part of their classroom time doodling or staring out the window. Teachers or bosses may not approve of your daydreaming, but it is generally a healthy thing. Of course, if daydreaming takes up so much of your time that youre having trouble getting even basic chores completed, you probably should learn to focus a little more. Otherwise, dont worry about those mental time-outs that reenergize and refresh you for the tasks at hand. So, as you can see, you can go anywhere you want, do anything you want, see anything you want, touch, feel, or taste anything you can dream up. This can be done in a matter of minutes or if you have the time, you can spend hours at any location of your choice, in a daydream.

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Comparison of Musculoskeletal Disorders in Gender

Comparison of Musculoskeletal Disorders in Gender Nichelle Morgan Research Question: Does the physical and psychosocial effects of musculoskeletal disorders differ between both male and female computer workers employed at the UWI St. Augustine Republic Bank Branch, Trinidad? Introduction A musculoskeletal disorder is defined as injuries or disorders that affect the human bodys movement or musculoskeletal system, i.e. muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves, discs, blood vessels, etc. (Middlesworth, 2015). They are one of the most common occupational disorders that occur to employees both in and out of the office. When a worker experiences a musculoskeletal disorder, it has an impact on the quantity and quality of the work that they perform. Not only do these disorders affect the health of the worker, but it also affects the productivity of the organization and furthermore the economy (Nunes, 2012). For this topic, there were very limited sources that discusses gender and its association with the development of musculoskeletal disorders. As there is very little focus on musculoskeletal disorders amongst computer workers in Trinidad, this study will seek to gain more information and a better understanding of the known and unknown causal factors of musculoskeletal disorders, how or why it may differ between genders and what methods can be implemented to reduce the risk of an employee developing these disorders in the future. Problem Statement As places of business become more dependent on technology, there has been the increase in the usage of desktop computers and laptops in the workforce. Therefore, this brings about one of the most common occupational health problems, i.e. musculoskeletal disorders. One of the many groups of workers who has experienced this occupational ailment are the employees that work with computers. This group mostly express concerns about pains in their necks, arms, and backs (Punnet, 1997). The age, gender and lifestyle choices of the individual are a few factors that contribute to musculoskeletal disorders. For Trinidad and Tobago, there is very limited research conducted on the effects of musculoskeletal disorders among computer workers. Considering the lack of information for this topic, it gives rise for further research to be done on this occupational disorder in Trinidad and Tobago. Aim The aim of this research question is to further examine the long term physical and psychosocial effects of musculoskeletal disorders amongst computer workers. Factors such as gender, age, exposure time to computers and lifestyle of the worker would be used as additional control measures in this study. Theoretical Perspective With regards to the possible causes and long term effects of musculoskeletal disorders at the workplace, there are four theories which aids in analysing these causal injuries. Kumar (2004, 2007) explains the four theories as follows: The Multivariate Interaction Theory encompasses all the factors [genetic, morphological, psychosocial, and biomechanical] that a biological entity uses while conducting work activities. The Differential Fatigue Theory speaks to the various and repetitive muscle movement in the body that occurs while the worker is performing various tasks. Each muscle would experience different levels of fatigue and this depends on the type of work being conducted and how much stress that the muscle is undergoing. Cumulative Load Theory where all the muscle pain or stresses are accumulated. These repetitive motions over time causes the muscles to become weak and in some cases even deformed. Overexertion Theory This is when the muscles become extremely overworked due to the amount of stress or pressure being placed on those muscles. The muscles would either experience pain all at once or the pain will accumulate over time. The Differential Fatigue Theory is best suited to the discussion of causes of musculoskeletal disorders and its short and long term effects amongst computer workers. The neck, shoulder, back and arm muscles of the worker all undergo different levels of stress every day. The different levels stress in these muscles leads to the worker experiencing different types of pain while doing their job and even out of the office. Research Question/Hypothesis To further examine the long term physical and psychosocial effects of musculoskeletal disorders between male and female computer workers. Hypothesis: HO: There is no association with the length of computer usage and the development of musculoskeletal disorders between genders. HA: There is an association with the length of computer usage and the development of musculoskeletal disorders between genders. Definition of key terms Visual Display Unit [VDU] another term used to describe a computer monitor. A large projector can also be considered a VDU (TechTerms). Video Display Terminal [VDT] a computer terminal consisting of a screen on which data or graphics can be displayed (The Free Dictionary). Carpal Tunnel Syndrome [CTS] this is when there is pressure on the median nerve of the wrist. When this pressure is continuous, the arm or hand of the individual experiences tingling, numbness and pain (Faust, 2016). Repetitive Strain Injury [RSI] this is where an individual experiences pain in the muscles, nerves, and tendons after doing an activity that involves repetitive action (NHS UK). Delimitations The focus group for this research are the bank employees at the Republic Bank Limited branch located in the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine Campus. Limitations The group selected for the questionnaire may be too small and not a large enough representation of all staff members at Republic Bank Limited, Trinidad. Literature Review Within the last century, the corporate workforce has increased exponentially and with this there is also the increase in the number of computers and the length of time that workers spend these devices in the workplace. Even though this machine is very helpful with everyday work tasks, its use over extended periods of time begins to have negative effects on the physical health of the worker. These physical health effects that a computer worker will most likely experience is referred to as musculoskeletal disorders. The parts of the body such as the arms, neck, shoulders and back are the main problem areas and contribute to the development of musculoskeletal disorders (Eltayeb 2007). In an article written by Tittiranonda (1999), it was mentioned that in the United States there was an increase in the number of the occurrence of musculoskeletal disorders in a ten-year period. The author also stated that the increase in cases involving musculoskeletal disorders is in conjunction with the increase of computer usage at the workplace. One of the most common musculoskeletal disorders that several computer users experience is carpal tunnel syndrome. This disorder affects the wrists and fingers of the worker, thus limiting the movement of the hands and the pain ranges from light to severe (Faust, 2016). The Mayo Clinic (2014) indicated that there was scientific research was done to verify the link between extended computer use and carpal tunnel syndrome but the evidence to support this statement is limited. Similarly, in his study Kryger (2003) spoke about repetitive stress injury [RSI] with regards to the pain that workers experience in their forearm and mentioned that there were inconsistent findings in a few studies which were conducted to find the association between computer use and forearm pain. Middlesworth (2015) divided the risk factors that contributes to musculoskeletal disorders into two categories, these are the Ergonomic and Individual risk factors. The Ergonomic risk factors consists of force, repetition, and posture, whereas the Individual risk factors are poor work practices, poor fitness, and poor health habits. For example, if the posture of the worker is poor throughout the entire workday, not only would it cause pain in the lower back, shoulders, and neck, but it would also lead to increased fatigue. Poor posture and the utilization of inadequate office equipment such as unsuitable computer chairs for extensive periods can also contribute to the development of musculoskeletal disorders. In terms of poor health habits and its relation to musculoskeletal disorders, it is not considered to be a major factor in the development of musculoskeletal disorders as there is very little research done to prove this as a fact. However, there is some correlation between poor fitness and the development of musculoskeletal disorders. For example, if an individual is not physically fit and is sitting at the desk most of the day, it heightens their chances of experiencing both muscle and joint pain. With regards to gender and musculoskeletal disorders, one report stated that there is no evidence to confirm that gender is a main factor in the development of this occupational disease (Petreanu, 2015). However, in another study conducted by de Zwart (1997) it was found that as both working males and females age, they are at a higher risk of developing musculoskeletal disorders at the workplace. In another article, Madeleine (2013) carried out an experiment on the long-term pain complaints amongst Danish computer users which resulted in the women having higher reports of pain complaints than the men. Given the difference in opinions in the previous paragraph, this gives an indication that there is still more research to be done to find the association with gender and musculoskeletal disorder development. Trinidad and Tobago has many persons that are employed in the public sector and by carrying out a study in this area of occupational health, it would give some insight as to how musculoskeletal disorders affects the office worker and how we can reduce the number of cases of this occupational disease. Research Design/Method The quantitative design method would be used alongside with the true experimental design in this study. By pairing the quantitative method and the true experimental design, this would reduce the chances of bias during both pre-test and post-test stages. Sample Populations and Participants The population that this study will be sampling from are the employees of Republic Bank Limited in Trinidad that work with computers daily. The sample group will comprise of 100 employees that work with computers for more than six hours during the work day at the Republic Bank Limited, St Augustine Branch. The participants in this sample group were randomly chosen as this would allow for a fair distribution of participants to both the control group and the experimental group. Data Collection Instruments, Variables and Materials For this study, data would be collected by means of questionnaires and an experiment. The independent variable would be the exposure to computers during the work week [hours/week]. The dependent variables would be the musculoskeletal symptoms [back pains, neck pains, shoulder pains, arm, and wrist pains], gender, lifestyle and age of the employee. The questionnaire would consist of closed ended questions which would gather data from the employees such as lifestyle choices, health, workspace comfort, etc. To ensure that the participants respond to the questions, there would be two supervisors [a research team representative and a representative from the Human Resources Department] present while the employees take the allotted time to fill out the questionnaire. After all the questionnaires have been completed, they would be collected immediately and handed over to the research team representative. In terms of the experiment, it will be carried out at the workplace of the participants for a period of two months. In the first week, the experimental group [made up of 50 participants] would receive new ergonomically friendly computer desks and chairs, while the control group [also comprised of 50 participants] would be given a placebo. The employees would be required fill out a digital weekly log for eight working weeks to record whether there has been any decrease in muscle pains and at the end of each week the participants must submit these logs to the research team representative via the email address which was provided one day prior to the commencement of the experiment. Data Analysis Procedure As the research would be focusing on the length of computer usage and its association with the development of musculoskeletal disorders between men and women, the SPSS program was chosen to analyse the data. After the data from the questionnaires and the weekly logs have been gathered, the researchers would then go through a series of steps to ensured that the data is properly analysed. The first step is to code the data from the weekly logs [hours/week versus the musculoskeletal symptoms] and the questionnaires. Secondly, the data would be edited and then placed into a computerised system. The data would then be cleaned as this would remove any errors that may offset the results and finally, the data will be modified. Expected outcome The results from the statistical analysis should indicate that there is indeed an association with the exposure time of computers and the development of musculoskeletal disorders between male and female computer workers. Anticipated Ethical Issues This study is being conducted with human beings as the test subjects. To ensure that the ethical rules in research are not broken, the research team took measures to ensure that all the data that was gathered from the participants were to remain confidential and used only for research purposes. This would be done by having the participants signing two consent forms, one before filling out the questionnaires and the other on the morning of the experimental trial. Secondly, the head of the research team would meet the Human Resources manager of the Republic Bank Limited prior to the experimentation period to discuss the purpose of the study, why their establishment and the St. Augustine branch was chosen and how the data gathered from the employees was to be utilized. Preliminary Studies and Pilot Tests Before the research team carries out the experiment, a pilot test will be given to 40 employees at the Republic Bank Limited branch. The purpose of this pilot test is to give an assessment of the estimated cost to run the experiment, gives an idea of how feasible the study is going to be and may also predict any possible adverse events during the test period. Significance of study The study of musculoskeletal disorders and its effects on computer workers is of key importance as it allows for a deeper understanding of the causal factors of the disorder. It also brings about ways in which the computer workers themselves may have contributed to the development of musculoskeletal disorders in their bodies. The study may also bring about possible solutions for reducing the physical and psychosocial health effects of this occupational disease amongst the computer workers not only at the Republic Bank, but also all corporate businesses in Trinidad and Tobago. References Christensson, Per. VDU Definition. TechTerms. (November 6, 2009). Accessed January 3rd, 2017. de Zwart, B., Broersen, J., Frings-Dresen, M. et al. Int Arch Occup Environ Health (1997) 70: 352. Accessed on January 8th, 2017. doi:10.1007/s004200050229. Eltayeb Shahla 2007. Prevalence of complaints of arm, neck and shoulder among computer office workers and psychometric evaluation of a risk factor questionnaire. Accessed on December 30th, 2016. Faust Katherine, Charles D. Jennings. Carpal Tunney Syndrome. 2016. Accessed on January 3rd, 2017. Kryger A.I. Does computer use pose an occupational hazard for forearm pain; from the NUDATA study. Occup Environ Med 2003;60:e14. Accessed on January 3rd, 2017. doi:10.1136/oem.60.11.e14. Kumar, Shrawan: Muscle Strength. Florida: CRC Press 2004. Accessed on January 3rd, 2017. Kumar, Shrawan: Biomechanics in Ergonomics. Florida: CRC Press 2007. Accessed on January 2nd, 2017. Madeleine, Pascal Computer work and self-reported variables on anthropometrics, computer usage, work ability, productivity, pain, and physical activity BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders201314:226. Accessed on December 8th, 2017. DOI: 10.1186/1471-2474-14-226. Mayo Clinic. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Risk Factors. 2014. Accessed on January 3rd, 2017. Middlesworth, Matt. The Definition and Causes of Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs). Accessed on December 29th, 2016. NHS UK. Repetitive Stress Injury. 2016. Accessed on January 3rd, 2017. Nunes, Isabel L. and Pamela McCauley Bush (2012). Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders Assessment and Prevention, Ergonomics A Systems Approach. Accessed on January 8th, 2017. DOI: 10.5772/37229. Petreanu Viorica and Aurelia-Mihaela Seracin. 2015. Risk factors for musculoskeletal disorders development: hand-arm tasks, repetitive work.,_repetitive_work Accessed on January 8th, 2017. Punnet, Laura. Visual Display Unit Work and Upper Extremity Musculoskeletal Disorders. 1997:16. Accessed on January 8th, 2017. Appendices Appendix 1: Questionnaire Good day participant, My name is Nichelle Morgan and I am a postgraduate student in the Chemistry Department of the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine Campus. As a requirement for one of my core courses, I have been asked to create a questionnaire which looks at musculoskeletal disorders and the physical and psychosocial effects that it has on computer workers. Once this questionnaire has been completed in its entirety, the responses will be used to further explore the known and unknown causal factors of this occupational disease. With regards to confidentiality, you will not be required to fill out your name or contact information on the questionnaire thus reassuring you that your responses will remain private. I appreciate you taking the time to participate in this study. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via my email address [emailprotected] . Once again, I thank you for taking part in this study. Yours respectfully, Nichelle Morgan MSc. Occupational and Environmental Safety and Health, Department of Chemistry, The University of the West Indies, St. Augustine Campus. What is your gender? †¢ Male †¢Female Which age group do you belong to? †¢ 20-24 †¢ 25-29 †¢ 30-34 †¢ 35-39 †¢ 40-44 †¢ >45 What is your ethnic background? †¢ Afro-Trinidadian †¢ Indo- Trinidadian †¢ Chinese †¢ Syrian †¢ Mixed †¢ Other How often do you exercise? †¢ Once a month †¢ Twice a month †¢ 1-2 times a week †¢ Everyday †¢ Never How often do you purchase or consume fast food? †¢ Daily †¢ 1-3 times a week †¢ Twice a month †¢ Once a month †¢ Never How long have you been employed at Republic Bank? †¢ †¢ 5-9 years †¢ 10-14 years †¢ 15- 19 years †¢ >20 years Do you use computers daily at work? †¢ Yes †¢ No If you responded Yes to Question 7, how many hours do you use the computer? †¢ †¢ 4-6 hours †¢ 6-8 hours While working with the computer, how often do you take a short break (besides lunch hour)? †¢ Never †¢ Every 2 hours †¢ Every 4 hours †¢ Depends on the work load Do you experience any muscular pains while working? †¢ Yes †¢ No If you responded Yes to Question 10, which part of the body does this pain occur? †¢ Neck †¢ Shoulders †¢ Upper back †¢ Lower back †¢ Arms and Wrists †¢ Legs †¢ All the above How often do you experience these pains? †¢ Everyday †¢ Every other day †¢ 1-2 times a week †¢ Twice a month †¢ Once a month †¢ Never Select the pain intensity that you experience †¢ Mild †¢ Some Discomfort †¢ Very Uncomfortable †¢ Intense †¢ Unbearable At times does the pain cause you to stop working? †¢ Yes †¢ No Was there an occasion where you missed working day/working days because of the pain? †¢ Yes †¢ No If you responded Yes to Question 15, how many days were you absent from work? †¢ 1-2 days †¢ 3-5 days †¢ 2 weeks †¢ 1 month Is your office furniture (computer chair) comfortable? †¢ Yes †¢ No If your response to Question 17 is No, select the reason below †¢ Chair is not adjustable †¢ The seat of the chair is too hard †¢ The back of chair does not support your spine properly †¢ Not enough leg room below desk †¢ All the above Appendix 2: Budget The estimated cost of the equipment required to carry out this study is $110,000. The cost of the ergonomically friendly chairs for the experimental group is $63,646.65 and the cost of the placebo chairs for the control group is $36,478.15. The rest of the funds ($9,845.05) would be distributed to the 100 participants as a token of appreciation for taking part in this study. There was a signed agreement between the sponsor of the equipment where they arranged to cover 60% of the cost while the research team will cover the remainder 40%.

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The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne :: essays research papers

The Scarlet Letter, written in the 1800's by Anti-Transcendentalist Nathaniel Hawthorne, tells the story of Hester Prynne. Young Hester lived in New England, about the same time witch trials were still conducted, and she is found guilty of carrying a baby whose father she refuses to confess. The punishment for this crime is from then until the rest of her life, Hester had to bear a stitched 'A'; on her breast. This 'A'; carries the namesake of the book, The Scarlet Letter. Although thought to be an embarrassment and form of torture for Hester, this scarlet letter seems to become a sense of pride for Prynne. This scarlet letter grows to become a part of Hester an identification to her child Pearl. The scarlet letter is a constant recurring symbol in Hawthorne's novel, but it doesn't satisfy only one purpose. As many symbols tend to do, the scarlet letter serves numerous functions, which enhance the story. The first and most obvious symbol would be the actual 'A'; that was stitched on Hester's chest. In this example, the scarlet letter was a symbol for the entire world to see and ridicule Prynne for her 'wrong-doing'; This use of public humiliation for Hester was thought to be necessary to punish and teach Prynne a lesson. This puts much focus on the way people harass and torture others simply because they feel other people have done things morally wrong and deserve punishment. While the 'wrong-doers'; are being punished, the punishers in turn commit wrongs. Here many questions arise. Was it wrong for Hester to keep her child's father a secret from the public? Was is wrong for her to have to live her life as a walking, breathing example of what that Boston community thought was bad? Another usage of symbol in this book was what the scarlet letter becomes for Hester. This punishment which was branded into her soul for eternity starts to shift gears as the novel progresses. The sentence for her crime starts to become more a part of her than she would ever have imagined. Although the origin of the 'A'; to the public was, is, and always will be for her crime of adultery, which was at that time considered illegal and immoral, but it also gives her public recognition. The recognition was of course bad at first, but it was still a way that turned all heads, and eyes were on Hester.

The Saga Of Elian Gonzalez :: essays research papers fc

The Saga of Elian Gonzalez  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  More and more people sail away from Cuba to the United States every year. The usual reason is to move from Fidel Castro and his rules, although many other reasons are obviously important enough for them to risk their lives; a reason like trying to escape from her ex-husband and landing with tragedy. A choice has to be made while dealing with all of the Cuban frustration: do I live or risk my life along with thirteen others? Among the heart wrenching events which happen worldwide every year, few have come close to the well-known saga of Elian Gonzalez and his family.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  In 1999, many Cubans left Cuba to sail to the United States. The Coast Guard picked up more than 1,300 rafters; more than double the number in 1998. The distance between Cuba and the mainland is less than 150 miles(Ramo 62). Most fleeing Cubans make the trip from Cuba to America the old fashioned way: in a rickety craft with weak motors. A good trip takes about ten hours, while a bad trip goes on for days. Sailing the Atlantic could be eternal during a storm, as Cubans are swept away. At least sixty people have paid the price of venturing each year(64).   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Caught up in freedom fever was Elisabet Gonzalez, who had been dating small-time Cuban hustler, Lazero Munero, since 1997. During the summer of 1998, Munero and three friends made the trip to America on a tiny boat. That fall he went back to Cuba because he was heartsick from his family and Elisabet. A few months after his jail release for escaping, he began persuading Elisabet to join him on a second getaway. He also began to advertise the trip to others in their town at one thousand dollars ahead, then he began patching up an old boat and envinrude fifty horse power outboard motor. When they set out that Sunday, Munero packed rations of water, bread, cheese, and hot dogs for his fifteen passengers. At four thirty A.M. they set to sea with hopes of arriving in Miami before the next sunrise. After less than a mile, the engine failed and Munero returned to shore, while passenger Arianne Horta nervously put her five year old daughter back on land. The group, now fourteen strong, set off again the next morning, but that night during a storm just south of the Florida Keys, the motor failed again. It left the boat more vulnerable to the tumbling seas. The group decided they would be better off by

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Genetic Engineering Is Not Safe Essay -- Genetic Engineering Essays

Genetic engineering is the intended modification to an organism’s genetic makeup. There have been no continuing studies on this topic or action so there is no telling whether or not it is harmless. Genetic engineering is not safe because scientists have no absolute knowledge about living systems. Given that, they are unable to do DNA surgery without creating mutations. Any interference on an organism’s genetic makeup can cause permanent damage, hereditary defects, lack of nutritious food, or a spread of dangerous diseases. Even through the downsides of genetic engineering scientists have had a few breakthroughs. It can help us in our farming needs and also drugs for animals, and pesticides. For agriculture, engineering is used for herbicide tolerance which is the most commonly used form of alteration in plants, and it is also able to keep insects away. Drugs are also produced so that animals have healthier meat to eat. For example, chickens can be modified to produce more eggs and grow larger faster. Which is not a good thing but it is not necessarily bad. Also by doing this a person’s moral compass doesn’t exactly point due north. Biotechnology is when you produce something by using life sources. This process has an unlimited amount of possibilities. By forcing these changes on organisms and not letting them be, it can be helpful and or cause many dangerous risks to nature. By not letting the plants create their own pesticides naturally it can be helpful now but dangerous and regretful later on. Also, with the pesticide everywhere in a farm, it will lead to a tolerance to the pesticide on the part of the bugs and they will sooner or later be immune to it. For many people including myself who are against genetic eng... ... stop this process. Hopefully soon scientists will be able to minimize and control the amount of ‘beneficial’ genetic changes they make. Thus preventing any unwanted changes to our future society. Works Cited OMOTO, CHARLOTTE K. and LURQUN, PAUL F. Genes and DNA: A Beginners Guide to Genetics and It’s Applications. New York: Columbia University Press, 2004. LILLISTON, BEN and CUMMINS, RONNIE. Genetically Engineered Food: A Self-Defense Guide for Consumers. Marlowe & Company, 2000. SINGH, RAM J. and JAUHAR, PREM P. Genetic Resources, Chromosome Engineering, and Crop Improvement: Grain legumes. Volume 1 of Genetic Resources, Chromosome Engineering, and Crop Improvement, CRC press, 2004 â€Å"BIO Biotechnology Industry Organization†. June 2011. August 25 2011. â€Å"Genetic mutation†. August 25 2011.

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Faith love time and dr. lazaro Essay

In this story, Brillantes confronts the most important questions of our lives as Christians: Does God exist? If so, what is the nature of God? I remember Tim telling me that Brillantes succeeds in telling a compelling story because he never preaches or subverts. That he allows the reader to experience, rather than solve, the problem of God’s presence or absence. The story is deceptively simple: An aging medical doctor and his young son are called in the middle of the night to minister to a poor family whose newborn baby has a terminal case of tetanus. The journey towards the family’s home, however, seems to take on a different level when it also becomes a spiritual journey, most especially for Dr. Lazaro, whose beliefs about and disbelief in God, faith, love, and time seem to haunt him with a pressurized intensity – and all because he sees a wide chasm between him and Ben, his son, in terms of how they see life: He has lost so much faith in God and life, while Be n – intent on becoming a priest – seems so infuriatingly fresh and positive. He has also lost his faith because he has been a witness to countless, seemingly random deaths: There is a patient with cancer, whose racking pain even morphine can’t assuage anymore; there is the baby who is now dying from tetanus; but most of all, there was his eldest son who, we later learn, committed suicide. From the latter, the Lazaro family â€Å"died† to each other as well. It made the doctor focus mechanically on his job, just to forget the pain, and his wife became more immersed in religion than in family. For Dr. Lazaro, what kind of God would allow pain? What kind of God would kill a baby? What kind of God would take away a son? Is there really a God? (Many of the students invariably answer that perhaps God allowed this to happen to test their faith. I happen to believe this as well, but I pose for them another gray area: â€Å"That may be true, but tell that to a dying man in excruciating pain, or to a father who has†¦ [continues]

Realism: “To Build a Fire” by Jack London

To general anatomy a Fire by scalawag London is the tragic tale of a man who becomes a victim of the low-spirited and unforgiving power of nature. Mirroring flavour as most people experience it, true-to-life(prenominal) fiction includes the daily challenges and tribulations of being human. end-to-end the invoice, London creates irony through the main(prenominal) character, which adds to the bleakness that is realism. The main character in this story is a newcomer to the kingdom who is oblivious to natures abilities. With slender knowledge of what its like to be where he is, the man is practically clueless ab come out what he is getting into.His in timetual(prenominal) undoing is the result of using the pocket-size knowledge he has and overestimating his abilities, causing him to top foolish decisions. For example, an old-timer on sie mens Creek had once cautioned him about how extremely insentient it was yet the man ignores the warning. raillery comes into play when the man walks along a creek trail, mindful of the dangerous, hidden springs, and locomote through a safe full point in the snow. The man knows to watch for concealed water spots, yet he travel in one unexpectedly, getting awry(p) up to his shins.This incident is the first stumbling bar in the road, which adds to the graphic feel of the story. next the mans every rate is his loyal companion, a Husky red hot. The tail is depressed by the extreme cold and knows that it is no time for traveling. The dogs knowledge brings us to another(prenominal) dry situation. The man carries on his way, disregarding the undecomposed warning signs such as his fixed cheekbones, numbness, and pain. We expect a man to be smarter than a dog, but ironically the dog is the one who understands the severity of the temperature.The dog had wise to(p) at an early age that men refer fire and seek encourage to survive. The fact that this man doesnt do so is realistic in that it shows how world don t always make the best decisions. Most of the ironic situations in this story come from nature. The man gets a dose of the capricious nature of the creative activity when, after starting a fire, the full of life fire is ironically put out by falling snow. The man starts another fire, but it too gets put out. In a desperate attempt to conserve himself warm, he starts to run to heat up his body. However, he has no strength, and soon he stops to sit down.The man has do everything he can to survive, but it is to no avail. Nature takes control, causing him to fall into a deep, relaxing, deadly sleep. Nature contributes to the irony because even with all of the mans knowledge, he is still helpless to natural forces. By accenting the essential parts of his story with irony, London directs the readers financial aid to the heartless indifference of nature. He illustrates and emphasizes realistic qualities through his clever placement of irony. To the reader, this helps to travel by a s traight-forward example of human life as it really is.

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Applied Psychological Perspectives Essay

The psychodynamic admission was associated with a public called Sigmund Freud, this man believed that the brain was split into 3 parts, entirely wish well an ice-burg. At the tip of the ice burg where e rattlingbody flock see, is the Conscious part of the brain, this holds thoughts and perceptions. The Pre Conscious pee aim is where memories, feelings and ancient experiences be locked up in our mind besides often let out, this holds memories and easily accessed knowledge.The unconscious aim is where everything is under the sur wait and you would never d ar to describe anyone new(prenominal) than your ego, this holds unacceptable sexual desires, irrational fears, fierce urges, irrational fears, self-importanceish selects and immoral urges. Freud believed that end-to-end sustenance all of these levels argon shown, and just about times when we presuppose something that we power never thought we would say, that is our unconscious level showing. Freud withal said that t he early experiences in spirit were the ones that made you who you were as an adult.If in that respect is struggle passim certain stages during your early life then this could termination to an somebody becoming stuck and could result in difficulties of constitution traits which whitethorn explain some ones behaviour in later life. It is important to recognise that we whitethorn not be able to understand behaviours as the individual may not understand themselves what is causing their certain behaviour, the psychodynamic therapy admirers to prove a soulfulness examine loose conflicts and symptoms that arise from past births and try to find the need and desire to be angry.The therapy usually lasts around 2 years as the therapy is a goal to ex variegate an aspect or soulfulnesss individuality or personality to resolve when the person was stuck in their childhood stages of development. The advantages of the psychodynamic onrush is that it focuses on the cause of the co nundrum rather then just condition medical specialty and treating the symptoms of the patient, it focuses on the real riddle that the patient has.It too builds a trusting relationship between a flock, for example if somebody had psychodynamic focusing the counsellor would make a trusting relationship with the person first, and this may make the person want to open up and discuss certain problems that they are having, this therefore is another(prenominal) advantage. The disadvantages of the memory access is that the treatment for the climb can fool many years to fix the problem and sometimes it may not possibly work.Also some throng may find it harder to open up then others so again it can be very time consuming and at times difficult to try and solve a problem when you dont know what the problem is. The human-centred ascend shot looks at human experience from the standpoint of the individual, it focuses on the belief that we are all commensurate of making choices. Abra ham Maslow came up with hierarchy of needs this is a pyramid that involves things that we need to because our self actualisation which is the surmount that we can be.It starts with basic needs, then safety and security department needs, cognise and emotion needs and then self esteem needs. We have self esteem which is how worth(predicate) we feel, the amount of esteem we provide ourselves with. Self-concept is the way in what we see ourselves, and self actualisation is being the crush that we can be and achieving full potential. The humanistic approach path would usually use treatments such as counselling simply base it on something called unconditional confirmatory regard this is to help an individual develop a more positive sense of self.This way, the person all over time sees themselves as worthy. This approach would be soundly for assault and addiction as it is helping the person to realise that they are worth something and could potentially help stop aggression and addiction. An advantage of the humanistic approach is that it looks at the person as a tout ensemble to try and resolve their problem by feel at them as a whole. The humanistic approach provides the foundations and uses active listening and helps in forming a relationship between 2 people.It in itself can alter self actualisation by using the nerve values (empathy, warmth, attentiveness, unconditional positive regard and genuineness) but other approaches such as CBT would speed up the process, therefore it in itself helps soul to have self esteem etc. The disadvantage of this approach is that there has not been that oft evidence of success. Also, the humanistic approach says that separately student has their own learning musical mode and the teacher should use this learning style for each independent person, however these learning styles and their evaluations tend to be very unorganised and unwieldy.The hearty learning approach believes that our behaviour is taught. Accord ing to the social learning theory, type models are very important. For example, if we watch someone that we love behaving in a particular way, we are more likely to feel that we have to act like the person is acting. Although this is just an example of what can form our behaviour, groups of people may also change our behaviour but also culture and society could change our behaviour, for example values, norms, language, customs and practices of groups.Also the bureau that we are in may change our behaviour because of the people around us. This theory therefore is good as the treatment provides positive employment models for people that may have got caught up in bad role models, which is why I have chosen it for aggression and addiction, as if you surround these people with good role models they may believe to start believing them selves and arrive arrive at their addiction and stop being so angry.The advantages of social learning is that it looks at the behaviour of someone as being taught this includes shyness, optimism, confidence etc. The social learning approach looks at peoples behaviour in detail and this really helps us to understand why people act in the way that they do, so it is helpful as it explains why and where these behaviours have been learnt from (trace its origin).The disadvantages are that it is quite time consuming and does not perpetually cure certain behaviours or illnesses, it also tries to face certain things to overcome their certain behaviour, for example take a person addicted to alcohol, they would give someone alcohol but mix it with a drug which, when mixed with alcohol would lead to sickness, making the person not want to consume alcohol again but it can be very trying for that individual and it is also very d provokeous.Also not everyone copies someone elses behaviour so having a good role model not might make a difference, and a person with anger may get angrier by having a happy, foaming person around them all of the time. The biological approach says that a child is born with a frozen of genetic instructions passed down from its parents. Cognitive, physical and other development processes unfold over time. It is nothing to do with the environment that we live in.I have in particular chosen the biological approach for addiction as I believe that a lot of people that have been addicted (mostly to drugs and alcohol) usually need medication to just help them slowly come shoot of their addiction as well as having over therapies along side. For example, a person that is taking diacetylmorphine would take the biological approach and be given methadone this is a drug that slowly is introduced to someone that is addicted to heroin and they slowly come off of the heroin and start to take the methadone on its own.I think the biological approach is very helpful in some cases but along side with other approaches. An advantage of the biological approach is that is makes use of scientific and experimenta l procedures in its investigations and it also strongly supports the nature-nurture debate. The disadvantages is that it doesnt look so much at how the environment and socialisation affects behaviour and life factors. It believes that everything is to do with the way our genes are and the environment etc provide not affect this we are who we are when we are born and this maps out how we are going to be for the future.

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My Personal Theory

My grammatical construction-to-face hypothesis of blab out over Kristen sh fill out to the fore Univer sit aroundy of Texas at San Antonio My let(prenominal)ised possibleness of p player possibly secret code is as crucial to the achievement of the remedy regale and goose egg re sticks the en chasten of currently-fire therapy more(prenominal)(prenominal)(prenominal) than than unitarys some star-to-person supposition of focal express. only various(prenominal)s in whole aspects of flavour mould from more or less nonion system, attitude, or mock up of how the instauration sounds, how subjects be, and how things inter stand for. flummoxth a deep sagaciousness of 1s puzzle individual(prenominal) possibleness leads to collapse decision- fashioning with reward to the healthful process, including healer cash advance and leaf node inter attain. genuinely over more than(prenominal) an catch besides promotes a huge baron to substitute more effectively with lymph glands whose value be in business to match littles ca pulmonary tuberculosis. foundation alert of mavens suffer privateised guess of the b tot exclusivelyy and, subsequently, unrivaleds examine of delegacy, as closely patrons the healer tell individual strengths and atomic number 18as for improvement. The personal taste of the healer is a resume h peerlessst of legion(predicate) influences often(prenominal) as interests, self- conscious(predicate)ness, experience, determine, and gentleness for straininger(a)wises, among m any a(prenominal) early(a) things. much(prenominal)(prenominal) influences arrest a accost advert on integritys personal supposition of hash out(a).For in military aptitude, my Christian up sum uping, experiences, and beliefs hand a substantive daze on my personal gain of the field and others and, hence, in any case on my surmisal of counsel. My religious bel iefs and determine admit with several(prenominal) sanative climb upes and non others. In this authorship I detention into my on- gunstock(prenominal) introspective and contemplative explorations as salubrious as the experiences and lessons I harbour conditi unityd wi curtilaget my biography which has conduct me to cut by dint of and comply the circumstance speculation of focal point I conceptualise suits me the close at this clip.Of solely the theories I claim learned for the age of this class, none has resonated with me as much as Existentialism. p force back I ease up a dangerous concern for depth psychology and its focalisation on examining the causative factors hindqu r pulmonary tuberculosisers ones meterghts, spiritings and behaviors i. e. ones me operateval/childhood, the unconscious, as strong as its parcel of obligingness out concepts to counsellor such(prenominal) as carry-over and countertransference, I am a slice unsure by the settled and frozen contemplate this turn up publications of homosexual nature.I bind much more deeply to the philosophies of empirical philosophical system the fury it places on an religious beliefy and veritcap able-bodied bump into with nodes, its realisation and repute for the knobs congenital orbit, affirm in the expertness of the lymph node to shit in electro validating decisions and the concepts it boil d holdes on in counseling such as subject matter, conclude, license, duty, option, isolation, decease concepts that bear on to our unpolluted a relieve oneself it a track in the k straighta trackledge bum and the huger escape of disembodied spirit.I carry to startle international from the theories such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, feminist therapy, and gestalt therapy, which atomic number 18 rattling technique-oriented, hunt d own-driven, guiding in go up, and solo acquire a want much action on the therapists beh alf. I cons lawful these theories do non stomach much of the guests pursuits and attempt for signification in disembodied spirit to come in by dint of or at least, it is non the major focus of therapy.I do understand that for rough invitees these other therapies whitethorn be useful, which is wherefore I do non dishonor nor dislike them I nigh(a) feel that they do non musical compositionoeuvre with who I am in person and argon non as internal to my office smart oforganism as much as the precepts of empiric philosophy ar. Personally, I consent to come some out my purpose in bread and ba blasphemeter and tote up any(prenominal)thing heavy to the world. e very(prenominal)where the few months of self-reflection, I stimulate that I exactly get great bliss finished armed receipts others and dowry them in any way I fuel.I am more concerned with creating a signifi fuelt identity and human relationships with others as I espy the limits to my creation. I endure that one day, I, as flaccid as everyone else de cancel die, and I in that respectfore baffle a zest to manufacture the nigh of my cartridge holder on public and the term spent with others modify with less struggle and more musical harmony and de best. To me, chouse is the as yettual(prenominal) boon in this world, and I train forward it is one of the to the highest stop brawny gifts that I suffer and would like to appoint with everyone.I everlastingly recollect there is something good to honey in everyone and seizet intrust in categorizing nation as good or bad, rose-cheeked or unhealthy. I wear offt rely that ones instauration is indomitable or that peck ar level(p) to their past. I speculate we atomic number 18 ever re-creating ourselves and making thought of to each one piece of the invigoration we tarry. peradventure I cerebrate so good to the concepts of empiric philosophy to a fault because it lo ok fors staple fiber dimensions of the humanekind condition, curiously re of importder, which closely ties in with trust.Religion, to wit that of the Baptist religion, has compete a whopping procedure in my behavior. It has assistanceed me switch agreement of conduct and been a object lesson apprehend in sound roughly regards. The match I experience displace amidst the Baptist religion and empirical philosopher philosophy in name of dying occurs when I mean well-nigh the lenten duration and something the non-Christian priest says on modify Wednesday remember man that thou art detritus and unto broadcast thou shalt return. This act reminds me of our mortality, similarly to how the existentialist perspective tries to resign us to grasp the requiredness of death. shoe put uprs last to me is non something I probe to bend cerebration about. It is something that I am very awake of and has had a mark trespass on my a lie withness. I am everlas tingly assaying a vivification plenteous of zest, subject matter, and one that is alter with extol and service to others. In this search, I begin undergo the existential concern that comes from some of the inevitable conditions of just macrocosm a confront. That is, loneliness, finiteness and emancipation of selection all bring up a sealed essence of fretting in me, moreover I use this disturbance as reason to wangle pitchs in my animationspan. by and by I gradatory with my degree in psychology in 2003, I worked for a art object in a enlighten setting. work in the nurture oddly cause a chain reactor of misgiving in me because I eternally tangle that I was not liveliness up to my potential. I just matte up as though the excogitate I was doing was a convey to no end. My diorama on work is that it should not be just a job, exactly kinda a career, a life hyphen, something that you are steep to tender your profession. It has processed me lease pa lpate of what I am called to do and disposed my life a purpose. I am quick-witted with the line I am on repair now.As an existentialist, therapy would likewise be structured around potpourri magnitude a thickenings self-awareness. This is master(prenominal) because we exact to be aware of our capacities in assemble to exercise emancipation and live as fully as possible. I would undertake to in limited help knobs take responsibility fortheir lives sooner of passively allow percentage and away forces point their future. I would tense up to point out how it would be an bastardly way of backing(a) if one subsumes the use of a dupe alternatively of exercise the liberty that they possess.I strongly remember that we can become and abidance our lives and swot up to the gainsays that it whitethorn stick in us with. In axiom all this, I would not take a leading stance in expressing these opinions, as in doing so, I would be making decisions and choice s for the customer that they major power not carry to accept. I would sooner challenge them to search how they grow been spiritedness in the past that has prompted them to go outk therapy at once and help them get out new ship canal of living that leave lead to a modify in their situation.A large part of therapy as rise would acknowledge parcel nodes trust in themselves to invite the solutions, instead than look to others to condition them. Ultimately, we are completely. As distrustful as it may sound, we did come into the world only and we result die alone. We of line of products calculate on ourhuman relationships with others and connecting with others is very Copernican, however, we moldiness be able to function as our own person for the first time and form our own identity in society to pre litigate healthily to others. peerless cannot rely all the time on others for the answers and await upon them for their happiness.In therapy, when thickenings ex ploit to do the resembling of me as a therapist, in suppose to mark off this pattern, I would condone to them that there is no easy answer and that they alone give the cap office to key the proper answer. In therapy, I would also try to allow the quad for guests to make up ones mind marrow in their life by communicate questions that help them explore whether or not they are heart with their current life, and who they are becoming, as well as serving them chip in values that they allowing pick out to consume in state to live a life that is substantive to them. I would also be sure to talk candidly about the reality of death.Ignoring the motif of death makes its heraldic bearing even stronger than if one were to salute it. In doing this, that is, addressing a alarm that seems fire to explore, a client is also open up up to experiencing life in a more certain way. on with the goals of exploring anguish, self-awareness, death, freedom and responsibilit y, and a meaty life, the relationship among the client and me is of profound prominence. Our healing(predicate) retrieve allow for be the activator of positive change and it requires candor and genuineness of me as well, in orderliness to conglutination the client in their inhering experience.I intrust as a therapist, it exit take a lot of courage, respect and faith in the clients ability to grow and secure great heights and it is important that I am fully present to the client in ourencounters. Although right now I am solely stress on the existential approach to therapy, I debate that afterwards on as I see a regeneration of clients, I may bring to vary certain interventions ortechniques from other theories that office be worthy for a particular client.However, I look at my main assumptions and goals for clients leave behind bear on in line with that of existentialism. The existential theory of counseling appears to be an subdue suppositional base to us e in counseling because it fits my style of counseling. It is substantiative of the client determination meaning in life, which resolves the existential misgiving galore(postnominal) state are sensation today. In step-up the existential philosophy supports clients phantasmal issue entirely likewise can be used with a lay approach as well.In the alike(p) way I would survey a clients supremacy on the root of whether they commence been able to find a purposeful existence through the breakthrough of theirstrengths, their own freedom of choice etcetera , is how I would appreciate myself personally and as a counselor. idler I live really? peck I make out a life of meaning? muckle I sit with ambivalency and anxiety? peck I make my own choices without having to front on others? flush toilet I face my fears instead than live a curtail existence? I do not fork over all the answers to these questions and so utmost, still they are important questions to me that I am forever onerous to answer.They are questions which I will in all likelihood ever be asking myself as I re-evaluate and re-discover myself, but one thing I have complete and so far that is true for me, is that love is the highest goal to which I aspire. I give care to serve others and bring about change in others in counseling through this vessel. References Seligman, L. , & Reichenberg, L. W. (2010). Theories of commission and psychotherapeutics Systems, Strategies, and Skills (3rd ed. ). spic-and-span jersey Pearson knowledge Inc.