Thursday, November 21, 2019

Assignment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 75

Assignment - Essay Example ticipation of clients on product trials includes compatibility with current use, complexity, relative advantage of the product, communicability, and divisibility. The Hot cider beverage offered by the business meets high compatibility and relative advantage factors of trail barriers allowing the business to offer sampling and product testing within the first two days. To induce trial, free samples will be available for the consumers resulting in no economic and experience cost to the customers allowing them to participate in the trial. Skimming will be used to ensure high market share is gained early during the launch stage, meet the market needs of the product but within the means to ensure the business is not priced out of the market. This will be compensated through the provision of excellent customer service, quality goods, and the best customer experience t the stall. Different measures will be used to stimulate repeat purchase in the market including ensuring the adequate supply at all times to meet anticipated repeat clients to avoid disappointing them. Offering quality customer service and being responsive to the needs of the customers coupled to the quality products will be the other measures that will be harnessed to ensure access of repeat customers. The other measure through which the business will ensure repeat customer is offering of long discounts to allow the consumers to have access to the products at slightly lower

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